Xiangyun Island International Cruise Terminal


Site: 26,000 square meters

The Xiangyun Island International Cruise Terminal is the winning competition entry for the design of a landmark terminal that will be the gateway for the major master-planned Tangshan Bay International Tourist Island, located approximately 240km east of Beijing in the Bohai Sea – the main water gateway to Beijing and the northeast region of China. The pier is designed using the finger pier configuration to achieve an optimal layout for international and domestic, large and small cruise ships. Showcasing Tangshan Bay as an ecological harbor in China, the design incorporates sustainable strategies, including a green roof to reduce runoff and the heat-island effect while providing space for native habitats to thrive; public open space, including the wetland parks in the surrounding plots, as well as the green roof; water conservation; high-efficiency and low-energy LED lighting in the terminal and for all exterior lighting; and glazing systems on southern façades to protect the building from direct solar gain. Project done with AECOM as the transportation consultant.


Tangshan Bay International Tourist Island, China


Site Feasibility Study, Architectural Concept Design, Port Design, Coastal Engineering, Case Studies